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Altidona is a place situated in the hills and dominates the entrance to the Aso Vale.
The Adriatic beach below that hits the territory for about 3 km, welcomes the summer tourism, with different structures for open air activity.
The Holiday Farm The Pieve is immersed in luxuriant nature and offers the possibility to do some healthy walking in the numerous routes that surround the farmhouses countryside, which arrive very near to the historic centre of Altidona, experiencing the hunt for culture and history.
In fact in the summer time, there are numerous events, one of which is the prestigious contemporary art exhibition "Open Rooms" an original show of paintings, sculptures, photographs, developed and inserted inside the rooms of the historic centre.
Then in August the village celebrates Patron Saint Ciriaco with a porridge and snail fair.

Historic notes

In correspondence to the farmhouse holiday's geographic site, arises the so called Pieve (Parish) Extra Moenia of Saint Ciriaco of Altidona, of which there are still visable remainings.
Pieve (Parish) is the name given to a Paleo Christian Baptist church, not that the matrix of the new Christians generally ark in the rural character.
The documentation concerned are relevanty late (starting in the 1291) although its known that all the Pieve's have origins very antic that go over any historic reference.
Recently, carryed out some archaeological digs, during which was found some interesting material from a period in time which goes from the roman empire to modern times.
Not only, along the westside of the old farmhouse there are traces of an old watering well, where there have been identified some roman tiles.
When the well was filled up they also found fragments of purified pottery and window-panes datable to before the Middle Ages.
The well, that was interpreted as a granry was used for conserving.

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